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The World Wide Log Home Expert and Gold Standard in Home Inspections

After experiencing Open Hearth Home Inspection service, you’ll want us to inspect your car, boat, even your financial portfolio, to get the same peace of mind inducing comprehensive service your home inspection service provider delivers. At Open Hearth Home Inspection, we have found it best to tell you up front – we only inspect buildings (interiors, exteriors, basements, roofs, decks, radon and carbon monoxide testing, landscape drainage, air conditioning, heating, and much more).

Fully insured building inspection from Open Hearth Home Inspection is the best way to determine the true condition of a home you are buying or selling. Open Hearth Home Inspection guarantee's every aspect of home construction in ways other building inspectors can’t. Most home inspectors get their “expertise” preparing for written home inspection exams. Kevin Maynard of Open Hearth has over 20 years experience in construction, roofing, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, really just about every aspect of home construction. Kevin is also foremost expert in log home inspection, having traveled throughout Untied States and nationally as an expert witness in court cases involving log home inspection and log home construction errors.

Make Sure your Home Inspection Is Fully Insured

Your home inspection with Open Hearth Home Inspection is completely insured against errors and omissions. Typically most home inspection LLCs are set up to protect themselves, not you as the home buyer or home seller.  Be sure your home inspector carries Errors & Omissions Insurance to properly protect your home investment.

Advanced Home Inspection Tools, Safety, and Health Measures

Open Hearth Home Inspection uses many advanced home inspection tools such as thermal imaging and moisture metering, going well beyond home inspection standards, catching problems other building inspectors miss, before they cost you thousands of dollars. Our building inspections include measurement of basement walls to obtain critical foundation conditions, which are among the most expensive home repairs, yet not required by home inspection regulations. Open Hearth Home Inspection also does asbestos testing, lead testing, carbon monoxide testing and radon testing protecting your family’s health.

Open Hearth provides Energy Star certified Wisconsin home energy efficiency testing as an optional part of an overall home inspection, or as a stand alone service. Save up to 50% on your energy bills, increase your home's value, AND get a tax credit for doing so if aviable!

Superior Home Inspection Service

With Open Hearth Home Inspection of the building inspection process is easy and convenient – daytime, evening and weekend inspections are available to fit your schedule. You will be educated throughout each step of the home inspection process and listened to, making sure your questions are answered, even after the building inspection has been completed. Your Home Inspection Report includes digital photos and clear, easy to understand language, so there is no miscommunication regarding conditions of your home. For those wanting to determine the condition of a home before selling, our Home Safe Pre-Inspection program is the way to go. Superior Home Inspection Expertise

In addition to his home construction experience, Kevin Maynard has achieved the highest levels of home inspection certification and expertise, including Certified Master Inspector accreditation and American Society of Home Inspectors membership, which requires at least 250 home inspections. Kevin’s home inspection expertise has made him a sought after expert witness in home inspection or construction court cases. With Open Hearth Home Inspection, you get the absolute best Wisconsin home inspection expertise and the best home inspection service in Milwaukee.

Serving All Of Untied States And Beyond

Open Hearth Home Inspection performs building and home inspection all over the country. Log Home Inspection is provided by Open Hearth throughout Wisconsin and nationally. Contact Open Hearth Home Inspection today for the best home inspection service available anywhere.

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